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Life is Good

Things have settled down here nicely.  My son is happy and well adjusted and living with me full time.  EmCee after 7 months still has not paid me a dime in child support, he still throws jabs at me every now and then, but the best part is that I have my own home to come home to without him.  I can hang up the phone. I don’t have to listen to him.

And a high school crush has come back into my life in February of this year.  I never dated him because when I was 15 I dated his best friend.  But we confessed there was always an attraction, an intrigue between each other.  One date, turned to many, and I am now with a man who loves and adores me and shows me his love through his words and actions.  He praises me, he tells me daily how proud he is of me.  Just last night, he gave me a massage for no reason and I blissfully fell asleep, secure in his arms.  I didnt think my heart could heal so fast, but he is slowly making his way into my heart and I am falling in love again.

LittleG adores him too, and I see how the BF plays and interacts with him… which makes me fall in love even more.  Ladies, there is hope.  Love yourself, love your children and learn to move on.  There is light after the darkness.

I am now living, not just existing and I am finally happy.


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