I do! I did! I moved out!

I said “I do!” to myself this weekend.  We had a massive blow out the Friday before my birthday, and I gave him notice: I am moving out on 10/1/11.  Everything was civil, even the move.  But there are still some covert actions which cut me to the core.  First IKEA screwed up my son’s delivery of his furniture and the men who came to assemble it, said things were missing when they weren’t.  So LittleG’s bedroom wasn’t ready in time for the move.  On 10/1 he said he would stay with EmCee… which was fine given the circumstances.  But then last night (Sunday) cable screwed up the install in LittleG’s room and he couldn’t watch TV before bed.  I used Netflix to stream a movie to his room, but he still would not sleep.  Finally I brought him into bed with me.  30 minutes later still not sleeping.  Im not fat enough (like daddy), the sheets aren’t soft enough, the pillows aren’t squishy enough.  So at 1am I drove him back to EmCee’s house, just so he would get some sleep.

Today, I didn’t make it into work.  I had to pick up LittleG and bring him to the doctor for his bad cough, then to the radiology center for a x-ray, back to the doctor for a reading, then to school to pick up his classwork and homework, then back to my house to do his school work, make dinner, clean the first floor, wash the carpet on the stairs, wait for the cable guy to come.  LittleG played in his room and told me how much he “loved it”.  Then tonight I had to go to church for LittleG’s first communion parent meeting.  I called EmCee and told him that one of us had to go and I was waiting on cable.  He tells me, “drop him off here, and find one of your friends to watch your house.”  The right thing to have done was for him to say, “I will go for the meeting, you stay home and take care of our son.”  But I’m foolish to think that.

I drop LittleG off with dinner and I tell him I will be back right after the meeting so we can go home.  On my way back, EmCee informs me “to pick him up 2 packs of cigarettes on my way there so he doesn’t have to bring LittleG out” he also informs me that LittleG wants to spend the night AGAIN at his house.  I go back there, cigarettes in hand, and EmCee has the nerve to say to me “Help me with making the bed, your son pissed it out.” So I go upstairs to help him (like he needs the help, I used to make the King sized bed by myself all the time) – and I notice the wall art which was over the bed It used to say: “Holding you, I hold everything” now it reads “I hold everything” – a bit passive aggressive?  A bit douche bag to me.  I think it was meant to be a dig at me that LittleG still likes to stay there and not with me.

I will give LittleG the benefit of the doubt.  He is a very “fair” child.  I know he feels in his heart, that since he spent the day with Mommy, it was Daddy’s time.  But I have to put my foot down.  He belongs here with me.


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